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Embrace the new .NET Logo! (Logo .NET Ganti)

Our team decided a while back to bring a fresh new look to the .NET logo, given the old was in need of a refresh to suite our future product positioning (I’ve been staring at this for a few weeks now and it’s totally grown on me).

image Why did we do it?

We needed a logo that was in sync with the key values that we want .NET to stand for: consistency, robustness and great user experiences. We also wanted a logo that conformed to the design principles that are driving Microsoft’s brand identity evolution and is reflected in newer brands such as Silverlight, Surface and ‘Strata.’ Finally, we needed a logo that is more strongly aligned with the portfolio of brands that .NET is most strongly aligned with: Silverlight, Visual Studio and the AppPlat server products.

The result is a design we refer to as the “wave.” The design is strong, simple and distinctive. The suggestion of the letter ‘N’ in the design will become instantly recognizable over time as shorthand for the .NET brand name.

It’s one of many things we’re actively doing to renew our commitment to the future around the overall Rich Platforms we have today.

Hope all have fun at PDC2008 and you’ll see glimpses of what I mean there 😉

Onwards and embrace the new .NET logo!

wow To artiin ya 😀


October 25, 2008 - Posted by | Umum


  1. ye gambarnya aja yang pixelnya kurang bagus pas download :-p
    soalnya blom resmi gun :-p

    Comment by boedyst | October 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. bagusan logo kita [baca:kosong empat] yah?

    Comment by gunsanadi | October 28, 2008 | Reply

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