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Insert Hidden Emoticon into Yahoo Messenger

Because there are so many people searching about Yahoo Messenger in English, I’ll translate Vini’s post into English from Bahasa Indonesia. Here it is..

What a long tittle !!

Never mind, the important thing it can represent what I post.

Smiley or Emoticons usually use for expressing our mood or feeling during chatting. Emoticons is effective to represent our countenance during chat. But in Yahoo Messenger there are default emoticons only, these are:

There are many ways to insert emoticon which we want, by clicking at the emoticon or by typing combination between colon, dash and end of braces, the result is smile like this 🙂 seventeen centimeters smile.

We know that Yahoo Messenger has many hidden emoticon, you can see this site. Unfortunately, we can not see this hidden emoticon using Yahoo Messenger although we can use it by manual typing.

But it is impossible for us to remember all of the emoticons code or visiting hidden emoticon every time we want to use it. In another case you can use Gaim or pidgin pika21 which we can see hidden emoticons on it. But, it can not “Buzz” like Yahoo Messenger, you can type “<ding>” to “Buzz” actually.

* Is it important? I don’t think so pika16


Wait in a minute, I’ll gotta drink..

* Take a glass of water

* Stir it (Should I?)

* glek,.glek,..,glek..

Ok, lets us continuing it, please dech

For you guy who Yahoo Messenger lovers, I have a tips for you to insert hidden emoticon into Yahoo Messenger. pika26

here the instruction:

  1. Only work on Yahoo Messenger 8 series or upper
  2. Make sure you use Yahoo Messenger 8 series or upper
  3. Download YEmotePlus plugin. Click ‘Install Now‘, then click ‘Launch Application’
  4. Login on to Yahoo Messenger pika21
  5. Click some of your buddies in your buddy list, in order to open the Messenger Window.
  6. After Messenger Window appear,

click menu ‘Actions‘ then ‘Choose a Plugin

then will appear ‘screen’ like this:
almost completely done “enyak-enyak” ladies ,. “babeh-babeh” gentlements pika21

7. Click ‘Start‘ in YEmotePlus

From the picture above we can see that it is divide into two parts of emoticon. One set emoticon above contains of default emoticon while the other one contains hidden emoticon.

Click at emoticon which you want, then the emoticon will change into combination of characters on ‘typing window’
When button ‘Send‘ or ‘Enter’ pressed, emoticon will be send. pika26

How clever I am ..pika17 ,.,

hehehehe *due to infected by narcissistic powerful virus ..

OK, thats all of my post

For you who still confuse with this post, please contact the telephone number on your screen.

pika22 * This one is caused by telequiz “jari-jari”. hehepika21hehe,.,.,.,.

– Sorry if the English is not well –

Give comments to make it well 😛


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  1. Cheers!
    I made on photoshop animated myspace pics.
    have a look at them:
    Thank you 4 your site 😉 xoxo

    Comment by Flabexpebra | November 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. thanks to the author…….Let’s try!!!!!!

    Comment by patembe | September 27, 2008 | Reply

  3. OK…!! i will try it!
    wish me luck!?
    thanks ya!

    Comment by siroshe | September 25, 2008 | Reply

  4. it works in my Yahoo 8.1.0
    and know I can use by clicking it without typing and remembering the codes,,

    Comment by dHarto..!! | August 20, 2008 | Reply

  5. I don’t think it works with Yahoo 9.0
    I don’t see it under the Plug in manager

    Comment by redsoxnina | August 19, 2008 | Reply

  6. Terakhirnya kok kepotong siy to??

    sorry if the ,., ??

    if the apa??

    hehehehe posting gw laku berat yaaa

    hi hi hi hi

    *narsis banget siy lo piiiinnnn

    Comment by vini | July 25, 2008 | Reply

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